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Women's March More Than Just Trump Opposition

Consciousness Calendar Jan. 11 To 23: Activism Is Starting Off This New Year, From Marches For Democracy To Environmental Awareness.

Resolve To Make 2019 A Year Of Change

Consciousness Calendar Dec 28 To Jan. 9: The New Year Starts Off With A Way To Help Homeless Youth, Along With Environmental Forums.

Put A Little Humanity Into The Season

Consciousness Calendar Dec 13 To 31: Volunteering And Special Events Are Two Ways To Open Up Minds And Hearts This Month.

Tis The Season To Give To Others

Consciousness Calendar Nov. 29 To Dec 12: The Holidays Are More Than Just Decorations And Shopping: Find Out How You Can Help.

#MeToo Era Focus Of Panel Discussion

Consciousness Calendar Nov. 15 To 28: Along With Weightier Topics, The Upcoming Holiday Season Means Giving Back To Those In Need.

Political Profundity: The 2018 Election

The 2018 Mid-Terms Were A Blue Wave That Is Still Coming In. With A U.S. House Victory Assured And The Prospects For The Final Vote Counts To Haul In Another Seat Or Two, The GOP Was Shellacked.

Mark Your Calendars For November 6

Consciousness Calendar Oct. 31 To Nov. 14: There’s A Big Election Happening Next Tuesday: Find Out How You Can Get Involved.

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Bach Festival, Guitar Show Set To Warm Phoenix

Unlimited Arts Jan. 3 To 16: The Best Time Of The Year To GO Out And Explore The Cultural Scenes In The Phoetro Is Now, SO Get Out And Be Entertained.

Celebrate This Christmas With Humor, Music

Unlimited Arts Dec. 20 To Jan. 2: As December Gives Way To January, There Are Festive Events, Rock Bands, Art And Music Galore.

Theater Offering Comedic Spin On Hanukkah

Unlimited Arts Dec. 5 To 19: From Comedy Semi-Borne From The Maccabean Revolt To A Couple of Nutcrackers, Late December Has Many Events To Get The Holiday Spirit Fired Up.

See Miracle' As The Holiday Season Begins

Unlimited Arts Nov. 21 To Dec. 5:  Christmas Kicks Off With A Film Classic; Other Choices Include 'Black Nativity' and Holiday Pops.

Multimedia Show Features Storied Composer

Unlimited Arts Nov. 8 To 22: Leonard Bernstein's 100th Birthday Is Honored, While Rocker Twenty-One Pilots Are Coming To Phoenix.

Hooray for Hollywood: Joyce Bulifant

From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to just missing on the role of Carol Brady and all of the game shows she appeared in, Joyce Bulifant is a Hollywood icon. Tom Johnson talks to her about Ted Knight and many other key memories.

Spellbinding Activities For All Hallow's Eve

Unlimited Arts Oct. 25 To Nov. 7: Spook-Tacular Choices Abound, From A Vampire Movie To Creepy Dance And There’s Also Dia de los Muertos.

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The Sports Yak: Arizona Diamondbacks Play While Cardinals, Suns Draft

The discussion touches on the Diamondbacks season so far as well as looks as the Cardinals' drafting of Josh Rosen and a bit of insight into the Phoenix Suns.

Ranking The Best Ballparks In The NL West

Not Surprisingly, Chase Field Gets The Lowest Ranking: Will The California Teams Sweep The Field Or Can Colorado Bring A Rocky Mountain High?

The Sports Yak: Arizona Diamondbacks Cactus League Preview

The discussion touches on the Diamondbacks preseason outlook as well as featuring quite a few imitations of Donald Trump.

Sports Yak: Waiting For The Sun

With the Phoenix Suns mired in another swamp of a season, fans in the Phoenix metro seem to be eagerly awaiting spring training and NFL training camp.

Tom Brady and The Boring Legacy of Greatness

In the Midst of Leading the Patriots To Yet Another Super Bowl, Which Further Cements His Legacy As The GOAT, The Unfortunate Result Is Less Drama For Most NFL Fans.

The Sports Yak: Stinky Suns, Hibernating Dbacks, Clunky Cards and Devil Time

Holy moly, the Suns are struggling, the Cardinals are spiraling for a crash, Dbacks might be trading Zachy Zachy Greink Greink and Sun Devils may triumph over heaven.

The Sports Yak: Middling Suns, Mediocre Cardinals and Slumbering Dbacks

Will the Phoenix Suns grow or make a trade? Can the Cardinals find a path back to respectability? Will the D-backs find success in 2018?

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Part III - Angel Of The Sea

With The World Beset By Authoritarianism And A Skewed Emphasis On The Elites, Most Of The Post World War III Population Must Find New Ways To Thrive And Survive.

The Trump Diaries: A Real POTUS For Fake Times

According To Donald Trump's Not Real Diary, He Believes He May Get on Mt. Rushmore And That His Opposition To Transgender Issues Is That He Wants To Know What He May Be Grabbing.

Donald Trump Is Transitioning

Take A Trip Down Satirical Lane And Take A Sneak Peek At A Special Address That The President-Elect Was Prevented From Giving By Daughter Ivanka, Son-In-Law Jared and Maybe Some Oompa Loompas.

The 1980s: Jail, Crack And Divorce

While The Connection May Seem Dubious On The Surface, One Woman Claims Locking Up Crackheads For Life Revealed To Her That Her Life Was Really Being Married to One Penis Forever.

The Blizzard That Never Was

A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

Dietary Restructure

A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.

Nine Suspense Novels With Surprising Plot Twists

Like Getting Shocked And Dazzled By A Writer’s Wizardry In Creating and Leading Down The Path of A Plot’s Red Herring’s? Well, Here Are Nine Great Books That Will Do It For You.

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Political Profundity: Another Stick With The Border Wall

The Border Wall Debate Has Turned Into A War And A Government Shutdown, But What Is The Real Truth and How Will It All End?

5 Points: The Surreal Year of 2018

The Year That Was Brought Many Dramas and Controversies, With Most of Them Emanating From the Orbit of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Political Profundity: Trump's Horrible, No-Good Week

President Trump's Defense From Allegations That He Knew About The Theft Of Democratic Emails In 2016 May Have Led To Obstruction Of Justice. Is It To Coverup A Crime Or Just Bad Spin Doctoring?

The Week After The 2018 Mid-Terms

The Mid-terms Are Finally Almost Over, With Only A Handful Of Races Still To Be Decided. However, The Political World Keeps Churning, With More Trump Foibles, The Impending Release Of The Mueller Investigation And Much More.

Political Profundity: Bombs, Caravans And Politics

With Bombs Put In The Mail To Prominent Trump Opponents, The Political WOrld Has Been Turned Upside Down Just A Few Week Before The Midterms. Also, The Myth Of The Caravan And Senate Seat Battles.

Political Profundity: Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi is missing and likely dead and killed by the Saudi government or those close to it. But who was he and why did someone end his life?

Political Profundity: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford

Thursday testimony to the U.S. Senate judiciary committee turns into a circus which then leads to a delay for Kavanaugh's smooth-sailing confirmation on Friday. Snippets of the testimony and commentary from John and Karen.

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