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Give Thanks By Giving Back To Community

Consciousness Calendar Nov. 16 To 30: November Brings Many Volunteer Opportunities, Along With A Fundraiser For The LGBTQ Community.

Author Will Discuss ISIS, And What's Next

Consciousness Calendar Nov. 1 To 15: From Heavy Topics Like Terrorism To Proactive Measures Like Cancer Screenings, There's No Shortage Of events For Concerned Arizonans.

Flake Drops '18 Senate Bid: What It Means

Junior Senator's Decision Leaves Kyrsten Sinema, Kelli Ward As The Potential Front-Runners In Arizona Race.

Frank Lloyd Wright QA, Masquerade Ball On Tap

Consciousness Calendar Oct. 18 To Nov. 1: Latino Aids Awareness Day, Along With Numerous Benefit Dinners, Are Happening In Phoenix And Elsewhere.

Honoring Those Who Were Here First

Consciousness Calendar Oct. 4 To 18: Indigenous Peoples' Day Is Next Week; There’s Also A Bike Parade, Girl Scout Leadership Camp And Cannabis Expo.

All Hands On Deck In PHX For Defending ACA

Consciousness Calendar Sept. 20 To Oct. 4: From A Possible ACA Repeal To The Health Of Phoenix’s Economy, There Is A Lot To Keep People Busy This Fall.

Let's Talk White Privilege In Phoenix

Consciousness Calendar Sept. 6 To 20: Combating Racism, DACA And Free Speech Are Just A Few Of The Topics Being Tackled In The Phoenix Area This Month.

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The Gun Club Tackles A Mystery Of WWII

A Son Learns About His Father — Whom He Never Knew — By Researching And Writing A Book About The Battle That Took His Life.

Sedaris, Rogan, Rudner Set To Bring Laughs To Phoenix

Unlimited Arts Nov. 9 to 22: November Is A Month For Laughs In Arizona, But Also A Time For Music Including Niall Horan, Beach Slang And GWAR.

Celebrating Life And Death In The Phoenix Metro

Unlimited Arts Oct. 25 to Nov. 8: As October Turns To November, Phoenix-area Residents Can Also Check Out A Play, Attend A Music Festival And Groove To Russian Rockers.

Hooray For Hollywood: Seth Berkowitz

This episode, Tom Johnson talks with Seth Berkowitz, president of Workshop Creative, one of the foremost creators of trailers for film and television.

SMOCA Exhibition Focuses On Soleri, Arcology

Unlimited Arts Oct. 11 To 25: Along With The Work Of Paolo Soleri, There Are Broadway Legends And A Complicated Thriller Writer As Entertainment Choices This Month.

Hooray For Hollywood: Seth Berkowitz

This episode, Tom Johnson talks with Seth Berkowitz, president of Workshop Creative, one of the foremost creators of trailers for film and television.

Theater Fundraiser Has A Comedic Touch

Unlimited Arts Sept. 27 To Oct. 11: As September Gives Way To October, Phoenicians Can Watch A Shakespearean Take On Zombies, See A Band Or Two And Learn About A Historic Vietnamese Ship.

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The Sports Yak: Suns Rise, Dbacks fall, Cards flutter

This episode, Wayne and his sidekick talk the end of the Arizona Diamondbacks' season, the potential of the Phoenix Suns and whether the Arizona Cardinals are becoming irrelevant.

The Sports Yak: Dbacks Winning, Cardinals Beginning

As the Arizona Diamondbacks accelerate towards a wild card berth, the Arizona Cardinals prepare for what many hope might be a deep run in the NFL playoffs.

Dbacks Sprint For The Playoffs Week 1: West Test

With Less Than 30 Games Left In The 2017 Season, The Arizona Diamondbacks Face The Gauntlet Of The West Division, Including The Dodgers, Rockies.

The Sports Yak

Wayne and John peer into the future and critique the past, this time specifically on the Phoenix Suns' 2017 draft and the Arizona Diamondbacks' end to the 2017 season.

The Sports Yak: Arizona D-backs, Cardinals and Phoenix Suns

Talking Arizona D-backs, Cardinals and Phoenix Suns: How good have the D-backs really been, NFL Draft, future Suns and commissioners.

Top 5 Ways The Dbacks 2017 Squad Differs From 2016

Regardless Of The Common Theme Running Through Baseball Circles, New GM Mike Hazen Has Created A Whole New Team For His First Year On The Job.

DeMarcus Cousins Is Not A Role Model, Charles Barkley

The Suns Are Once Again Considering Trading For a Talented Big Man With Questionable Character, But This Time It's Not The Right Choice.

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Part III - Angel Of The Sea

With The World Beset By Authoritarianism And A Skewed Emphasis On The Elites, Most Of The Post World War III Population Must Find New Ways To Thrive And Survive.

The Trump Diaries: A Real POTUS For Fake Times

According To Donald Trump's Not Real Diary, He Believes He May Get on Mt. Rushmore And That His Opposition To Transgender Issues Is That He Wants To Know What He May Be Grabbing.

Donald Trump Is Transitioning

Take A Trip Down Satirical Lane And Take A Sneak Peek At A Special Address That The President-Elect Was Prevented From Giving By Daughter Ivanka, Son-In-Law Jared and Maybe Some Oompa Loompas.

The 1980s: Jail, Crack And Divorce

While The Connection May Seem Dubious On The Surface, One Woman Claims Locking Up Crackheads For Life Revealed To Her That Her Life Was Really Being Married to One Penis Forever.

The Blizzard That Never Was

A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

Dietary Restructure

A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.

Nine Suspense Novels With Surprising Plot Twists

Like Getting Shocked And Dazzled By A Writer’s Wizardry In Creating and Leading Down The Path of A Plot’s Red Herring’s? Well, Here Are Nine Great Books That Will Do It For You.

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Political Profundity: Mueller Indicts, Tax Respite, Kelly Reflects

Conversation includes many items from the world of politics with some insights by our two seasoned journalists.

Political Profundity: Taxes, Niger, Nunes, Puerto Rico and NAFTA

Conversation includes tax reform, Niger military deaths, Devin Nunes' personal war, Puerto Rico's sweetheart power deal and NAFTA.

Mexico, Canada Still Have Hope For NAFTA, Future

Canada And Mexico Push To Save The North American Free Trade Agreement In The Face Of Rhetoric From President Trump That He Wants To Scrap The Deal.

Political Profundity: Las Vegas Shooting

This episode focuses on the the Las Vegas Shooting with critical perspective from Karen, who was born and raised in the city. Also, "The 60 Seconds 6" features AZ Senate Race, Tom Price's Sacking, Tom Petty's passing and much more.

Tragedy Reveals The Real Spirit, Community of Las Vegas

Out-of-Towners Who Only Know Las Vegas As The Strip May Not Know It, But Millions Of Outstanding People Inhabit Clark County.

Political Profundity: NFL Protests Trump

This episode focuses on the NFL protests and Donald Trump's role in fanning flames of bigotry, as well North Korea, Puerto Rico (and the Jones Act), plus much more including the debut of "The 60 Seconds 6."

SoundCloud's Shutdown Scare A Warning For Cloud Users

Content Host SoundCloud Nearly Went Under Recently, Reinforcing The Brutal Truth That User Content May Not Always Be Available.

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