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AZ Entrepreneur Eyes Local Farm To Table Synergy

Arizona Food Enthusiast Roza Ferdowsmakan Aims To Make Fresh And Delicious Meals Accessible To Everyone With bites. — Her New App.

Celebrate America's Birthday By Giving Back

Consciousness Calendar June 28 July 12: In The Spirit Of July 4, We Bring You Nearly A Summer-Sized Cacophony Of Ways For Patriots Of All Ilks To Help Out Their Fellow Residents.

BFC Takes On Phoenix' Pizza Scene

The Bitches Food Club (BFC) and Wayne get together for yet another culinary discussion about the Phoenix scene. This one devolves with a bit of alcohol and too many cooks in the podcast kitchen.

Temps Are Heating Up As Is Community Awareness

Consciousness Calendar June 14 To 28: As Summer Approaches, Phoenix-area Residents Can Help Those In Crisis, Foster Youth, And Much More.

Good Deeds On The Menu In Phoenix This Month

Consciousness Calendar May 31 To June 14: Want To Help Those Who Need It Most In The Phoenix Metro? There Are Numerous Opportunities, Including A Luau And Farm-To-Table Event.

Star Wars Novelists Are Fans At Heart

Some Of The Best And Most Infamous Authors Of The Galaxy From Far, Far, Away Spoke On Their Work And Official Canon At Phoenix Comicon.

Phoenix Comicon 2017 Special

The 2017 Phoenix Comicon has come and gone. This year marked the first big-time controversy for the annual event as props are banned after the first day, but overall the con was the con, our relatively expert-level commentators say.

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MST3K Comes Out Of Orbit, Circling Phoenix

Unlimited Arts July 19 to Aug. 2: Looking For A Break From The Heat Or Current Events? MST3K Is A Strong Nostalgic Candidate, But The Variety Ranges From Film To Curtain And Even Dudes Like John Mayer.

Under The Radar Bands Playing The Valley in July

A Bevy Of Acts From Around The Country Head To Phoenix In July, Including T-Rextasy, Sam O.B., Iji And Post Animal.

Summertime Means Sun, Fun, Events, And ... Weed?

Unlimited Arts July 5 to 19: It’s Hot, But The Phoetro Is Cooking With Entertaining Events, Including Takes On Classical Works, But Also Quite A Few That Center Around Marijuana.

Rock On With Joe And Julie: Aging Rockers

With the age of rock's roots extending past five decades, artists, acts and bands that still hit the road are getting up in years. Joe and Julie discuss some of the most prolific touring bands of all time.

Cool Entertainment For A Very Hot Summer

Unlimited Arts June 21 To July 5: Temps May Be Brutal Right Now In The Phoenix Metro, But There Are A Bunch Of Great Film, Musical, And Theatrical Events As An Adequate Distraction.

Portrait Of A Young Artist: Hector Acuna

An Array Of Young Artists Are Now Using The Scottsdale Art Walk To Share Their Work With The Phoenix Metro: A Conversation With One Of Them.

Remember SB 1070, Or See Ted Nugent

Unlimited Arts June 7 to 21: A Play Based On The Highly Controversial Legislation Will Take Center Stage At The Herberger Theater As Rockers And Other Musical Events Also Grace The Phoenix Metro This Month.

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The Sports Yak

Wayne and John peer into the future and critique the past, this time specifically on the Phoenix Suns' 2017 draft and the Arizona Diamondbacks' end to the 2017 season.

The Sports Yak: Arizona D-backs, Cardinals and Phoenix Suns

Talking Arizona D-backs, Cardinals and Phoenix Suns: How good have the D-backs really been, NFL Draft, future Suns and commissioners.

Top 5 Ways The Dbacks 2017 Squad Differs From 2016

Regardless Of The Common Theme Running Through Baseball Circles, New GM Mike Hazen Has Created A Whole New Team For His First Year On The Job.

DeMarcus Cousins Is Not A Role Model, Charles Barkley

The Suns Are Once Again Considering Trading For a Talented Big Man With Questionable Character, But This Time It's Not The Right Choice.

The Sports Yak

Talking Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns, and a whole lot of other things that have to do with balls and fields.

Modern Times Magazine's Sports Prime Cuts 2016

It Was A Banner Year For The Sporting World But According To Our Readers, They Were Most Interested In The Baseball, CTE, NFL And The Olympics.

Best Of Arizona Sports: Baseball Players

The Grand Canyon State Has Two Of The Top Collegiate Baseball Teams In The Country, But What About Those Who Played Here In Little League And High School? We Assemble An All-Time Lineup.

Docs: Parents Should Buck Sports Specialization Trend

Despite The Preponderance Of Parents To Think Their Child Needs To Focus On One Sport For Adult Success, Experts Say Multiple Sports Truly Grooms Lifetime Success.

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Part III - Angel Of The Sea

With The World Beset By Authoritarianism And A Skewed Emphasis On The Elites, Most Of The Post World War III Population Must Find New Ways To Thrive And Survive.

The Trump Diaries: A Real POTUS For Fake Times

According To Donald Trump's Not Real Diary, He Believes He May Get on Mt. Rushmore And That His Opposition To Transgender Issues Is That He Wants To Know What He May Be Grabbing.

Donald Trump Is Transitioning

Take A Trip Down Satirical Lane And Take A Sneak Peek At A Special Address That The President-Elect Was Prevented From Giving By Daughter Ivanka, Son-In-Law Jared and Maybe Some Oompa Loompas.

The 1980s: Jail, Crack And Divorce

While The Connection May Seem Dubious On The Surface, One Woman Claims Locking Up Crackheads For Life Revealed To Her That Her Life Was Really Being Married to One Penis Forever.

The Blizzard That Never Was

A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

Dietary Restructure

A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.

Nine Suspense Novels With Surprising Plot Twists

Like Getting Shocked And Dazzled By A Writer’s Wizardry In Creating and Leading Down The Path of A Plot’s Red Herring’s? Well, Here Are Nine Great Books That Will Do It For You.

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Political Profundity: View of Trump, Washington from The Southwest

Taking a look at the last few weeks, including the health care bill collapse, Junior's meeting with Russians and general federal misbehavior.

July 4 Means Independence And A Whole Lot More

Five Points On One Of The Biggest U.S. Holidays: Why July 2 Was Considered The Birthdate Of Independence, And How The Document Became One Of The Most Quoted Of All Time.

Five Points: July 4 and Independence Day

July 4 means Independence Day, but it means much more than that, including the start of unalienable rights and a lasting legacy.

Will 2017 Be Remembered For Presidential Protests?

Since The January Inauguration of Donald Trump Protests Have Been Loud And Common, But When Even Republican Strongholds Are Witnessing Protests, It’s Not Hard To Fathom That Bigger Events Are Yet To Come.

Political Profundity: Reviewing Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and talks about his interactions with President Trump, but what was more interesting is what couldn't be said in a public hearing.

Political Profundity: Previewing Comey

A couple of days before former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, what might happen? No one knows, but it will undoubtedly be a circus. Also, D-Day is 73.

Army Colonel's Book Details Battle of Ramadi

Iraq War Veteran Tony Dean Says He Was Driven To Write About The Experience Because It Is An Example Of On Post-Millennium Warfare With A Successful Ending.

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