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Political Profundity: Bombs, Caravans And Politics

With Bombs Put In The Mail To Prominent Trump Opponents, The Political WOrld Has Been Turned Upside Down Just A Few Week Before The Midterms. Also, The Myth Of The Caravan And Senate Seat Battles.

Political Profundity: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford

Thursday testimony to the U.S. Senate judiciary committee turns into a circus which then leads to a delay for Kavanaugh's smooth-sailing confirmation on Friday. Snippets of the testimony and commentary from John and Karen.

Political Profundity: Wild and Political Fires

The Wildfire Conundrum, Water Issues In The West, Brennan Stands Ground After Losing Security Clearance, Trump Is In Big Trouble And The End Of Primary Season May Bring Big General Election Battles.

Is Past Prologue for Russia, U.S.?

Political Scientists Shared Their Thoughts At A Recent Forum At San Diego State University And Their Opinions Point To A New Abnormal Relationship That Is Akin To The Cold War.

Landis Schooled By Dean Wormer on Animal House

AT THE TCM FESTIVAL: Dean Wormer, The Most Formidable Opponent Of Delta House, Played By Actor John Vernon, Was The First To Recognize The Film Would Be A Cultural Touchstone, The Director Says.

Political Profundity: Trump, Comedy and #RedforEd

Educators In Arizona Take A Stand By Taking A Walk, While In Washington and Beyond, Trump Still Can’t Catch A Break And Over In The Middle East, The Battle Rages.

Is OverDrive The Answer For Audio, Ebook Lovers?

OverDrive Partners With Libraries all Around the Country, Making it Easy to Get Audiobooks and Ebooks for Free to Anyone With a Library Card.

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Political Profundity: Our State Of The Union Is … Bizarre

The State Of Our Union Is Bizarre: Whitaker, Bezos, Trump, Investigations, Virginia Black Face And Sexual Assault, As Well As The Death Of Three Icons.

Political Profundity: The Art of the Surrender

The Partial Government Shutdown Is Over! At Least For Three Weeks. Oh, and Dirty-Trickster Roger Stone Is Arrested. Also, Drama Reigns In Venezuela, Britain.

Political Profundity: Another Stick With The Border Wall

The Border Wall Debate Has Turned Into A War And A Government Shutdown, But What Is The Real Truth and How Will It All End?

5 Points: The Surreal Year of 2018

The Year That Was Brought Many Dramas and Controversies, With Most of Them Emanating From the Orbit of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Political Profundity: Trump's Horrible, No-Good Week

President Trump's Defense From Allegations That He Knew About The Theft Of Democratic Emails In 2016 May Have Led To Obstruction Of Justice. Is It To Coverup A Crime Or Just Bad Spin Doctoring?

The Week After The 2018 Mid-Terms

The Mid-terms Are Finally Almost Over, With Only A Handful Of Races Still To Be Decided. However, The Political World Keeps Churning, With More Trump Foibles, The Impending Release Of The Mueller Investigation And Much More.

Political Profundity: Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi is missing and likely dead and killed by the Saudi government or those close to it. But who was he and why did someone end his life?

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