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Political Profundity: Trump Disasters, Foreign And Domestic

It Was A Week That Included Two Shady Associates Of Rudy Giuliani, Also The Personal Lawyer To The President, Arrested At An Airport And The Kurdish People Betrayed.

Political Profundity: Donald Trump Has The Ukraine Blues

The Case For The Impeachment Of Donald Trump Grows As More Information Is Released About The "Perfect Phone Call," While The GOP And The Secretary of State Scrambles.

Political Profundity: Whistleblower Thursday, Historic Week

Donald Trump Has A Very Bad Week As A Whistleblower Complaint Implicates Him For Abusing His Power In An Attempt To Influence The 2020 Election While Also Seemingly Engaging In A Cover Up.

Political Profundity: Impeachment In, Bolton Out

Donald Trump Remains In the Center of the Eye of the Political Hurricane He Has Fed With Warm Scandals and Missteps as The U.K. Seemingly Wriggles In Its Own Swampy Morass.

Political Profundity: Bon Jour As Trump Goes To The G7

Donald Trump Takes A Trip To France Right After A Major Dip To The Stock Market And Proceeds To Drag The Political Bottom, Including Suggesting That Putin And Russia Should Rejoin The G7.

Political Profundity: Recession Fears, Fights For Rights, Epstein

Most Economic Experts Claim President Donald Trump's Economic Battle Against China Is To Blame For A Teetering Economy While Across The Globe Hong Kong And Russia Witness Mass Protests.

Political Profundity: The Aftermath of Dayton, El Paso Shootings

El Paso, Texas, And Dayton, Ohio Become The Latest Communities To Suffer A Mass Shooting: To What Extent Is Donald Trump Culpable And What Will The Events Mean In The Near Future?

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Political Profundity: The Sphinx Speaks About Trump

The Now Retiring Special Counsel Robert Mueller Takes The Dais At The Justice Department And Rebukes Trump And Barr. Will It Change Anything?

Political Profundity: Trump Lashes Out, And The Nation Loses

As The Investigations Into Donald Trump Get Deeper And Potus Gets More Defensive, Iran, Assange And Barr Are Major Worries.

Political Profundity: A Deepening National Crisis

As The Unredacted Mueller Report Sits Hidden Inside The Bowels Of The Justice Department, Attorney General Barr Finds Himself Facing Withering Criticism. Also: Foreign Policy; Boeing, Impeachment And More.

Political Profundity: The 'Exoneration' That Wasn't

The Barr Summary Hits The Streets But Without The Full Report, Conservatives Keep Complaining And Progressives Continue To Ask To See More Evidence.

Political Profundity: Mueller Done, Will Justice Be Served?

Robert Mueller Sends His Report To Attorney General William Barr, And The Nation Waits To Find Out What He Found. Also, Brexit, Electoral College, College Admissions And Mass Killings

Cohen Speaks As Little Rocket Man Outwits Trump

The President Heads To Vietnam To Get Rebuffed By Kim While Michel Cohen Goes To Congress And Unleashes The Mother Of All Trump Diatribes.

Political Profundity: Our State Of The Union Is … Bizarre

The State Of Our Union Is Bizarre: Whitaker, Bezos, Trump, Investigations, Virginia Black Face And Sexual Assault, As Well As The Death Of Three Icons.

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