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We will provide our readers with the finest reporting, viewpoints and fiction that strives to reveal everyday and transcendent truths. We will also provide them with a fighting and tireless champion of their rights as citizens and human beings.
Modern Times Magazine is dedicated to publishing a re-imagined, “modern” magazine that leverages the power of both the internet and print.

Our staff is composed of a team of journalists, writers and salespeople that have worked in the industry since before the Internet made an impact, as well as fresh, young minds that were suckled in the digital world. See staff

We aspire to be the truest, funniest yet most serious news and entertainment source in Arizona and the country. Our vision is to always focus on what is happening in the world around us but never forgetting that our communities are important, too. Our content is written by our staff as well as by freelance writers. To submit a freelance pitch, review our
Submission Guidelines and our Stylebook.

Besides breaking content, we feature serialized fiction content. Our print editions will be distributed monthly.

To reach the readers of Modern Times Magazine, visit our
advertising page.

For more information, contact us
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Regular original commentaries from writers around the country about the issues that are impacting us all. Also featured is the Nation/World Rundown, a weekly entry filled with the most interesting news from the past week that can be read in about an hour.

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First run short stories and novellas share space with fake news, fake future predictions and fiction contests. Our fake news, called the Lighter Side, mostly focuses on Arizona news that begs to be satirized but does delve into the Nation/World arena.

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Let everyone else talk, talk, talk. Let us analyze and assess. Weekly commentaries as well as a Sports Rundown provide insight and clarity to an over-saturated topic.

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The State/Local Rundown is the best weekly summary of Arizona news that can be read in about an hour. Our original Viewpoint commentaries about the events that shape our state reveal perspectives one isn't likely to read elsewhere.

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Music and the Arts unite us all and it is a sure thing that you can get a bit of everything here. From news and reviews of the latest music to great photographs and work from modern artists, there is something for everyone and everything for someone.

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