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The culmination of more than three years of thought, debate, construction and belief, the first print edition of Modern Times Magazine will complete the circle for what we believe will be the first great community magazine. This East Phoenix Metro edition of Modern Times Magazine leverages the power of print — creativity, flexibility, localized connectivity, readability and viewability against the rock solid foundation of our three-year old online version. Together, the online and print versions form one “Modern Times” magazine. Instead of dividing our online and print editions, we have been able to create one publication over two mediums. Online, we can stream and host video and provide a perpetual vault of great things to read and present it to the world. Yet, via this monthly print publication, we can bring creative layouts and great reading through localized distribution.

Put simply, Modern Times Magazine is the first publication designed to engage and capture a modern audience no matter where they are or what they are into.

At, we provide daily news, viewpoints and fiction content wrapped in a pretty package. Since our debut in 2010, we have been recognized for in-depth reporting and qualitative viewpoints. Along the way, we have also engaged those who enjoy reading satire and fiction. We get tens of thousands of views a month, primarily from Arizona, although we are popular around the world.

The monthly Phoenix East Metro print version is like a “best of” collection from our website, along with a handful of exclusive content nuggets. The golden hook of the print magazine is that we are able to expand creativity in ways that the coded files of the interwebs cannot duplicate. The result is a magazine that uses images and words in ways that help tell a story: a task that has yet to be duplicated online. A web page is a means of communication, but magazines can be things of beauty.

The online and print editions of Modern Times Magazine are also the first community publications to re-assess what “community” is in this modern world. We consider both our online and print editions to be community based. We focus on Arizona topics because that is where we distribute our print magazine and where most of our staff is located.

For those glued to tradition, that is where community stops.

But we believe community extends past the city, county or region where one lives and works. In this modern world, community is as disparate as the population itself. A community topic of interest might have originated from as far away as India in today’s modern world. Consequently, the focus of Modern Times Magazine will always be to consider first our local markets, while realizing that stories outside of the local area are sometimes more important to the community.

We will accomplish this by always remembering Our Pledge:

"We will provide our readers with the finest reporting, viewpoints and fiction that strives to reveal everyday and transcendent truths. We will also provide them with a fighting and tireless champion of their rights as citizens and as human beings."

Fans of the classic film “Citizen Kane” might remember the last half of Our Promise as part of Kane’s Declaration of Principles. That is no coincidence, rather an affirmation of the grandest goals of journalism and publishing that transcend time.

The first edition is our polished gem, but now it is on to the next one.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.
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