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Police, Migrant Detention Protests Set To Boil In PHX

Consciousness Calendar July 10 to 24: Vacationing Is Necessary, But It’s Always Time For Arizonans To Fight Injustice.

Unalienable Rights Events And Learn Something, Too

Consciousness Calendar June 28 To July 10: There Are Some Ways To Exercise Your Unalienable Rights Over The Independence Day Holiday Week Along With Ways To Learn About Other Cultures And Issues.

DACAversary Is This Weekend In Phoenix

Consciousness Calendar June 12 To 26: As Summer Approaches, You Can Support Dreamers, Watch A Debate Or Hear John Waters.

Two Phoenix Districts Are On The Ballot Tuesday

Consciousness Calendar May 15 To 29: District 5, 8 Residents Are Called To Perform Their Civic Duty: There Are Also Many Other Ways For Those In The Phoenix Metro To Aid Their Communities.

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Good Deeds

Consciousness Calendar May 2 to 15: Take Time To Let Loose, But Feed Your Soul By Supporting Children, Cancer Research And Animals.

Show Your Love For Mother Earth This Weekend

Consciousness Calendar April 18 To May 1: There Are More Than A Few Ways To ‘think Globally, Act Locally’ This Holiday Weekend.

Rally Will Focus On Victims of Violence, Sex Assault

Consciousness Calendar April 4 To 17: Habitat Rehab And Marching For Healthy Babies Are Some Of The Ways To Get Involved This Month.

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Political Profundity: The 2018 Election

The 2018 Mid-Terms Were A Blue Wave That Is Still Coming In. With A U.S. House Victory Assured And The Prospects For The Final Vote Counts To Haul In Another Seat Or Two, The GOP Was Shellacked.

Political Profundity: Arpaio Pardoned

Although Joe Arpaio's pardon is not much of a surprise after President Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix, it feels like a slap in the face to many in Arizona.

Welcome To Phoenix, Donald Trump: Now Go Home

The 45th President Comes To The Phoenix Metro, Stirring Thousands of People With Little In Common But Their Dislike For Donald Trump To Take To The Streets.

BFC Takes On Phoenix' Pizza Scene

The Bitches Food Club (BFC) and Wayne get together for yet another culinary discussion about the Phoenix scene. This one devolves with a bit of alcohol and too many cooks in the podcast kitchen.

Phoenix Comicon 2017 Special

The 2017 Phoenix Comicon has come and gone. This year marked the first big-time controversy for the annual event as props are banned after the first day, but overall the con was the con, our relatively expert-level commentators say.

A Cosplay Disaster Strikes Phoenix Comicon

On The Opening Day of The 2017 Convention, A Lone Idiot Brings Real Guns, Scares The Crap Out Of A Whole Bunch Of People And Adds To Long-time Attendee Frustrations.

AZ Activists Rally To Awaken Sen. Flake On Immigrants, Refugees

In Conjunction With Groups Around The Country, Arizona Activists Are Targeting U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake In Phoenix Tomorrow In An Effort To Get Him Back On Board With Immigration Reform.

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